Sobre nosotros

We are the KittyButtHut!

A collective of cats and cat-enthusiasts alike, determined to change the narrative behind cat ownership. 
We believe that amazing cat care should be accessible to all. Our products are researched and backed by science. Designed to stimulate, fascinate, hydrate, and satiate, you can be sure your KittyButtHut products will please even the pickiest of kitty's. 

Our vision started with the adoption of a single 4-week-old foster kitten, named Charlie. Weighing in at only 400 grams, she was found abandoned in a cardboard box with her siblings. Charlie was brought to us for rehabilitation and some TLC. Little did we know at the time, that raising Charlie would provide an invaluable insight into the potential of having cats as pets. By 6 months old, Charlie knew how to perform multiple tricks, play complex games, and communicate effectively. 
With the right time and attention, she rivaled the abilities of her 2-year-old Border Collie brother, Frank. 

Nurturing Charlie's growth and development was pivotal to our company's instigation. Her capacity and eagerness to learn and build new skills showed us how much unrealized potential many house cats have. 

We hope to use our brand to connect kitty's and their humans all over the world. Establishing meaningful and lasting bonds between you and your fur-babies.